Our Material

High Pressure Laminated Phenolic Board

We only source and use the best materials available in our products to ensure everlasting performance and durability to all our clients. Compact Laminates high pressure laminated phenolic boards are highly durable and come with a variety of finishes and colors for your choosing.

Material Fabrication

Vertical Cutting

Our phenolic resin compact boards is cut by vertical panel saw machine using diamond cutter as shown as in the pictures below

Profile Edging

After all the cutting of phenolic resin compact boards been done, all the boards will be sent to do the profile edging. Normal profile edging is chamfered by using a router machine or CNC computerized machine as some of the customer require more specific profiles edging like half moon edging.

Precise CNC Cutting

Laboratories work tops are normally complete with sink, water tap or gas taps. To assemble all these laboratory fittings, we provide the services of sink hole cutting, water tap hole cutting or gas tap hole cutting. All these hole cutting is cut by using CNC computerized machine as shown below for various sizes and dimensions.


Compact- Laboratory worktop is tested by the Standard Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia and Singapore Productivity and Standards Board (PSB) to DIN EN438-1 & ISO 4586-1